How to insert keyframe in After Effects with shortcut

How to add Keyframe in After Effects – AE Tutorial Video

After Effects Tutorial Video shows how to insert keyframe with shortcuts. Adding keyframe is the key feature to make motion graphic for animation. After adding keyframe across timeline, we can move, rotate, scale, make transparency for any graphic or footage. In this tutorial, we will show how to insert the keyframe with shortcut step by step. I hope this helps. More After Effects Tutorials here

Intro – Add Keyframe in After Effects
0:08 Add Footages into Composition
0:32 Show Transform Setting for Graphic Layer
0:41 Add Keyframe using Time watch
0:53 Add Keyframe using Sh0rtcut
1:19 Add Position Keyframe Automatically
1:37 How to curve position keyframe in after effects

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How to insert keyframe in After Effects with shortcut

To insert keyframe in After Effects for making motion graphics, we can follow these steps,

1. Add graphics or footage into composition,
2. In timeline, move the Current Time Indicator to the time when we want to insert keyframe
3. We can open the layer, under Transform, we can find Anchor Point, Position, Scale, Rotation, and Opacity, 
4. we can click the time watch to insert keyframe.

If we want to insert keyframe with using shortcut directly, we can see below shortcut for Windows.

Anchor Point : Alt + Shift + A
Position : Alt + Shift + P
Scale : Alt + Shift + S
Rotation : Alt + Shift + R
Opacity : Alt + Shift + T

The steps for inserting keyframe are showed visually in upper tutorial video, we can watch in the top of this post.

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