How to curve text in After Effects

How to curve text in After Effects

Intro – After Effects Bend Text
0:12 Add Text using Horizontal Type Tool
0:32 Add Path using Pen Tool
0:51 Set Mask as Path in Path Options
1:10 Fine Adjustment for Text on Curve

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We can make text follow a curve or path quickly with these few steps in After Effects. In this tutorial video, we will go through how to make curve text in After Effects 2024. Afterwards, if we want to make animated curved text, we can set keyframe for this curve text for making motion graphics. Steps are easy to follow for After Effects beginners. I hope this helps. More After Effects Tutorials here

How to curve text in After Effects

To create a curve text in After Effects, we can follow this steps after creating a composition.

1. Add a text layer using Type Tool, and input the text we want to show.
2. Select this text layer, and use Pen Tool add a mask for this text layer,
3. Draw a path with this Pen Tool, so we have a Mask in this text layer,
4. In the Path Options > Path, choose Mask.

Then, the text will set to follow the Path. Therefore, we can get the curvy text that follow a path.
Steps are also showed visually in upper After Effects tutorial video. Watch there. 

Hope this helps. Watch More After Effects Tutorial in this YouTube Video Playlist
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