After Effects Track Matte tutorial for text layer

Track Matte is a useful tool to create variable transparencies for our motion graphic. A track matte is a still image, video clip, graphic, piece of text, or shape used to create a variable transparency in another layer. If After Effects track Matt not showing. Try this method. In this video, we will go through how to make track matte in After Effects. We will use text layer for demonstration how to make track matte and invert track matte. Steps are easy to follow for After Effects beginners, hope this helps.  More After Effects Tutorials here

After Effects Track Matte tutorial for text layer

To Applying a Track Matte:

We need two layers:
– The top layer provides the alpha (luminance) information.
– The bottom layer acts as a fill.

We will only see the bottom layer content, while the top layer provides new borders for the bottom layer.

When to Apply Track Matte:

Use a track matte when we want to use a text layer (or other) as a controlled ‘window’ into an image.Instead of masking every character in a text layer, use the text layer’s alpha channel as a track matte. This allows you to animate the entire text while keeping effects and font changes intact.

Here is how we can apply Track Matte with a text layer visually, watch the steps here,

Intro – After Effects Track Matte
0:20 Import video into After Effects
0:29 Show Track Matte
0:39 Add Text and Edit Text
1:00 Center Text to Composition
1:20 Apply Track Matt in After Effects
1:34 Invert Track Matte

Hope this helps. Watch More After Effects Tutorial in this YouTube Video Playlist
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