Blender Metal Material

How to Make Blender Metal Material Shader with Texture

This is a tutorial video to show how to make Blender Metal Material shader with Texture, which is good for Eevee and Cycles Renderer. There are 6 types of metal materials included silver, gold, metallic rose gold, cast iron, hammered copper and brushed titanium, and the second part of video will show how to setting up a simple scene for Metal Material Rendering.

Blender Group Object using Collection

From Blender version 2.8, 2.9, and 3.0 , the Group is known as Collection. When there are many kinds of different objects such as 3D characters, 3D objects, props, lightings, cameras, etc., you can group the objects together by using Collection to well-organised the scene in Blender. Below shows the quick tips how to group …

Character modeling step by step

Blender 3D character modeling step by step

These are video for beginners, to understand how to make 3D characters in Blender, which is Blender 3D character modeling step by step. The video shows the basic 3D skills which is essential for beginners, the 3D skills are including 3D modeling, rigging, coloring and texturing. This example are absolute for beginners.