How to Play Video Preview in After Effects

AE Tutorial video shows how to Play and Preview the Composition Video in After Effects. Based on the previous composition setup with object following a path, in this video, we can know that the Play Preview button and Shortcut to preview the composition. Moreover in default setting, Spacebar is the shortcut of Play Preview. In the preview panel, we can set the play preview shortcut by our own choice. Hope this video tutorial helps. More After Effects Tips And Tutorial Here.

How to Play preview of composition video in After Effects

To play preview of composition video in After Effects, we can use the Preview Panel. Here are the steps:

1. In our After Effects project and select the composition you want to preview.
2. Press preview keyboard shortcut such as Spacebar, Shift + Spacebar, Numpad 0, Shift + Numpad 0, or Option / Alt + Numpad 0. Each shortcut results in a different preview behavior based on the Preview settings.
3. To set this preview behavior, we can go to Preview panel. We can select the Shortcut settings assigned.

Watch YouTube here,

0:00 Intro – How to play preview in After Effects
0:10 Start from preview video with timeframes set
0:28 Play Current Preview in Composition
0:53 Play in Preview Panel
1:10 Play Shortcuts in After Effects

Hope this helps. More After Effects Tips And Tutorial Here.
Have fun with CG, to make it simple.

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