How to make masking in After Effects

Masking in After Effects

AE tutorial shows how to make masking in After Effects 2024. There are 3 ways to make masking in After Effects. First, we can add shape to image or video in layer in composition. Second, we can add path to layer. Third, we can add a shape layer and add a track matte. We will go through the steps in this After Effects tutorial video. I hope this helps. More After Effects Tutorials here

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How to make masking in After Effects

Creating masks in Adobe After Effects allows us to selectively control the visibility of specific parts of your composition. Here are the steps to make masks

1. Select the layer to which we want to apply the mask. 

2. Choose a shape tool from the toolbar (we can cycle through them quickly by pressing Q). 

3. Click and drag in your Composition viewer to create the mask shape.

Furthermore, we can use Pen Tool to create a mask or we can use track matte to make a mask.
Steps are shown in this After Effects tutorial video.

Masking in After Effects
0:10 Create Composition
0:18 Add Footage into Composition
0:34 Make mask with shape tool
0:51 Customize Mask
1:05 Mask using Path
1:25 Mask using Track Matte

Hope this helps. Watch More After Effects Tutorial in this YouTube Video Playlist
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