How to make a hexagon in Blender

Blender Basics tutorial to show how to make a hexagon in Blender. To make a hexagon, we can start with circle and then reduce the vertices to 6. Then we can make a hexagon shape in Blender. Below tutorial will go through step by step.

How to make a hexagon in Blender

1. Add a Circle, we can go to Add > Mesh > Circle.

2. Open the Add Circle panel at the bottom right corner.

3. In the panel, turn Vertices into 6.

4. If we want to make a Hexagon Face, we can go to Fill Type, and change to N-Gon or Triangle Fan.

5. If we want to make the hexagon solid, one way is going to Edit Mode, and extrude the face. Another way is adding Solidify Modifier as per below screenshot shown.

After adding Solidify Modifier, we can apply this modifier to get the Hexagon Mesh.

Hope this helps. More Blender Tutorial, Tips and Tricks are available here.

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