How to Focus on Object , Blender Basics

When we edit the 3D scene, we may want to focus view on the selected object as large as possible. There is a shortcut or hotkey “NumPad .” to focus the object. Also we can press the menu below if we want to focus on object without numpad in Blender. Hope this helps. More Blender Tutorial, Tips and Tricks are available here.

Blender Focus

Focus on Object

To select object, and then press shortcut “Number Pad .” , then we can focus on object. If we don’t have Number Pad on our keyboard, we can go to View > Frame Selected.

Blender – focus on object – Dropdown Menu

Or we can press shortcut Backtick “`” , to open the view menu as below screenshot, and press 3 View Selected to focus on selected object.

Blender – focus on object – View Menu

Focus on Vertex

To focus on vertex, we should switch to Edit Mode, and then select vertex / vertices. Press shortcut “NumberPad .” to focus on vertex / vertices. If we don’t have NumberPad on our keyboard, we can go to View > Frame Selected to focus the vertex.

Blender – focus on vertex

Watch Full Tutorial Video on YouTube,

Hope this helps! Watch More Blender Tutorial Video on YouTube Channel

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