How to Lock object in Blender

How to Lock object in Blender
Blender lock object from selection

When doing 3D in Blender, there are many 3D objects in the scene, you may want to lock objects to make them not to be selected. This is quick tip to lock object from selection, to lock and unlock object. Please follow the below steps to lock an object.

How to Lock an object in Blender

1. In the View Layer panel, it shows the objects in the scene. Now below screenshot shows 3 objects, which are Camera, Cube, and Light.

How to Lock object in Blender Step 1

  2. Open the Filer Menu at the top right corner, and then check the box of Selectable, Arrow Icon, to be Blue. 

How to Lock object in Blender Step 2

  3. The Selectable Icon shows in the View Layer panel.

How to Lock object in Blender Step 3

  4. Click on the arrow and make it to be empty arrow. Then object is locked, which is not selectable. Click one more the arrow icon to become white, then object in unlock, which is selectable.

How to Lock object in Blender Step 4

Watch this Blender Tutorial video here, it shows how to lock object in Blender.

Hope this helps. More Blender Tutorial, Tips and Tricks are available here.

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