How to Delete Material in Blender

Sometimes there are too many unwanted material in the scene in Blender, we need to optimize the scene and minimize the file size. We can delete material by few steps shown as below. This is the scene that we set previous for metal material setup, in this case study, now we are going to remove “Shiny Gold” Material in the second ring. Hope this helps.

How to Delete Material in Blender

1. As screenshot, there is a shiny gold material in the second ring,

2. Go to to Right Panel, Select “Blender File”,

3. Under Current File, Open the drop down menu of “Materials”,

4. Highlight the unwanted material that we want to delete, and right click, and select “delete”,

5. The Shiny Gold Material is deleted.

Hope this Helps. More Blender Tutorial, Tips and Tricks are available here.

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