How to find Polygon Count in Blender

Tutorial shows how to find the Polygon Count in Blender. Polygon Count can be showed in Scene Statistics, it also shows the number of objects, vertices, edges, faces, and triangles in the 3D scene. So that below steps shows how we can turn on the scene statistics in 2 different positions , in viewport and in status bar. Hope this helps.

How to find Polygon Count in Blender

blender polygon count
Blender Statistics in viewport

Polygon Count In Viewport

1. Open the Viewport Overlay menu on the top-right corner, as upper screenshot,

2. Check the box “Statistics”.

3. Then Statistics data will be shown on the top-left corner.

Blender Polygon Count showed in Status Bar

Polygon Count In Bottom Status Bar

1. Right click the bottom status bar as upper screenshot.

2. Check the box Scene Statistics

3. Then the Statistics, Polygon Count, will be shown on Status Bar at bottom right corner.

Watch Blender Tutorial Video on YouTube

Moreover, upper screenshot showed the steps how to find polygon count for whole scene, and below is a quick video to show step by step how to show polygon count for selected object in Blender.

YouTube Video shows how to show Polygon Count

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