How to check Dimension in Blender

In Blender, we can quickly check the dimensions of 3D object by using Properties Panel. In the Object Mode, we can press the shortcut “N” button to show the Properties Panel, and then select an object that you want to set its dimensions. The dimensions of 3D object will on the the bottom of Item Tab in Properties Panel at below screenshot.

In addition , if you would like the change the units system, for example from Metre (m) to Millimetre (mm), or to inch, please visit this page, How to change units in Blender .

set Blender Dimension

The steps how to check and set Blender Dimension as below:

In the object mode,
1. Press “N” button to show the Properties Panel, make sure that select “Item” Tab,
2. Select an object,
3. The Dimensions of Object is showed at the bottom of Properties Panel.

How to Measure the Dimensions in Blender

If you would like to measure the dimensions from vertex to vertex, or dimensions of area, etc. There is a add-on tool to check and make the measurement, please visit this page, How to measure a cube in Blender or watch the below video.
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