How to feather edge of image in Photoshop

Quick tutorial video to show how we can blur edge of image and make feather edge of photo using adobe Photoshop. In this video, we will use a Select and Mask to make a feather edges mask that linked to image layer. Therefore, we can get the blurry edges of image. All steps for making bur edge of photo will be going through in the tutorial video. I hope this helps. More Adobe Photoshop Tutorial are available here.

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How to feather edge of image in Photoshop

We can follow below steps to make image edges blurry and feather,

1. Select image layer
2. Make selection such as Rectangular Marquee Tool
3. In top tool bar, click the button “Select and Mask”
4. In Properties panel, go to Feather, and increase its value to make selection blurry
5. Click Ok, then a blur edge mask is added to image layer.

Therefore, we can blur edges of image. All steps are also go through in above tutorial video, watch above.

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