How to crop layer in Photoshop

Photoshop tutorial shows how to crop image in Photoshop with cropping background. In this tutorial video, we will go through how to make selection in the image and crop the selection as a layer in Photoshop, therefore we can crop a layer with affecting other layers. Steps are easy to follow for Photoshop Beginners. Hope this helps.

How to crop layer in Photoshop with cropping background

To crop a layer in Photoshop, you can use the Layer Mask feature. Here are the steps

1. Open layered PSD file in Photoshop.
2. Select the layer we want to crop in the Layers toolbar, and right-click on the Layer Mask icon.
3. Then, the layer mask is added, and visible as a blank white rectangle next to the layer’s thumbnail. Where the mask is white, the image will show through. Where it is black, the layer will be hidden.
4. Use the Brush tool, Shape tool, or Gradient tool to paint black over the areas we want to crop out on the layer mask. We can also use the Marquee Tool, the Pen Tool, or the Lasso Tool to select and refine the mask area of your layer that you want to crop.
5. Add one empty layer.
6. Select empty layer and the layer with mask
7. Right-click and choose Merge Layer, then the layer is cropped.

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Intro – How to crop a layer in Photoshop
0:10 Open Image
0:12 Show Layer Window
0:33 Rasterize Layer
0:39 Make Selection
0:57 Crop Selection with adding Layer Mask
1:08 Adjust Mask for Cropping Area
1:22 Merge Layer to Crop

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Hope this helps. More Adobe Photoshop Tutorial are available here.

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