How to import Roblox models into Blender

If we want to export Roblox 3D model and import the 3D model into Blender. We can use Roblox Studio to export model with textures into OBJ file format. Then we can take this OBJ and import it into Blender. This is straightforward way to transfer 3D model from Roblox to Blender. Steps are easy to follow for Roblox Studio and Blender users. I hope this helps. More Blender Tutorial are available here.

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How to import Roblox models into Blender

Importing Roblox models into Blender is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step.

1. Export the Roblox Model

In Roblox Studio, right-click on the model you want to work with. Select Export and save the model as an .obj file. This file format is compatible with Blender. 

2. Import into Blender 

Open Blender: Launch Blender on your computer.  Import the Model by Clicking the File menu in the top-right corner of Blender. Choose Import.
Select the .obj file you exported from Roblox. Blender will import the model, and we’ll be able to work with it in Blender. 

Remember to position your model appropriately in Roblox Studio before exporting it. This ensures that it loads correctly in Blender. Happy 3D modeling!

In this video, we will go through all the steps visually.
Watch here,

Intro – Roblox to Blender
0:06 Create new place in Roblox Studio
0:15 Open Roblox 3D Models
0:37 Export Roblox model
1:00 Import OBJ into Blender
1:21 Preview material and texture

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