How to fill circle and make circle solid in Blender

Blender Circle Tutorial to show how to add circle, fill circle, and make circle solid in Blender. In this tutorial video, we will go though how to add circle mesh, and how to fill circle with mesh, we can fill circle with N-gon, Triangle Mesh or Quad Mesh, and then we can extrude it or we can add solidify modifier to make circle solid. The second part of this video, we will go through how to convert a square plane into a circle mesh. We can turn the vertices into circle as well, we can apply same method to other similar modeling. Steps are easy to follow, and good for Blender beginners. Hope this video helps.

How to fill circle, and make circle solid in Blender

Watch YouTube Tutorial Video,

0:00 Intro – Blender Circle Tutorial
0:16 Add Circle Mesh
0:43 Fill Circle
1:25 Fill Circle in Quads
1:55 Make Circle Solid
2:32 Convert Square to Circle
2:51 Circle Selection
3:07 Turn Vertices to Circle

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