How to use Proportional Edit in Blender

Blender Basics, here is to show how to use Proportional Editing in Edit Mode with Shortcut O. Proportional Editing is a useful tool in Blender for deforming gradually, we can use proportional editing with moving, rotating, and scaling the selected vertices, edges or faces. Below example, I will use a plane with subdivision to show how to make Proportional Edit with move tool.

Blender Proportional Edit in Edit Mode

1. To use Proportional Edit in Edit Mode, make sure that we select an object and switch to Edit Mode. In below example, the plane is subdivided with many faces.

2. To switch on Proportional Edit, we can Press the circular icon to Blue color, or we can use shortcut O.

Blender Proportional Editing using Shortcut O

3. We can choose the Proportional Editing Falloff, that is the shape of deforming.

Or, we can use shortcut Shift + O to choose Proportional Editing Falloff.

4. If we move the selected vertices, edges, or faces, the 3D shape is changed since Proportional Edit.

The Circle is the Influence of Sphere to show the Proportional Editing Size

5. If we want to reduce the Proportional Edit Size, that is Influence of Sphere, we can Wheel Down or use hotkey Page Down.

Reduce Proportional Editing Size

6. If we want to increase the Proportional Edit Size, we can Wheel Up or use hotkey Page Up.

Increase Proportional Editing Size

7. This is the alternative way to use Proportional Edit. After moving the selected item, we can open the menu at the bottom right corner.

8. In the bottom right menu, we can check the box ” Proportional Editing” , and we can change the Proportion Editing Fall and Proportional Editing Size underneath.

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