Blender Logo SVG to 3D model

Basics for any Blender users. This is a 3D modeling timelapse video to show that we can make Blender Logo from SVG file format to 3D Model within a minutes. Steps are basic, and easy to follow for any creators. If you have any Logo, you can use this way to make 3D shape for free. Furthermore, for practicing, Blender Logo SVG file is available to download in the link at the bottom. Hope this helps.

* Blender is free and open source software that can make 3D modeling, rendering, animation, composition, more and more for computer graphic creative purposes. Feel Free to download the software from official website, and let’s create!

Blender Logo SVG to 3D model

Watch the 3D timelapse video on YouTube here,

How to make Blender logo from SVG to 3D model

1. Import SVG file into Blender
2. Select a solid color, it will show as “curve” in outliner
3. Go to Object Data Properties > Geometry > Extrude, to add thickness
4. Go to Bevel > Round > Depth, to add round corner
5.Go to Object Data Properties > Geometry > Offset, to adjust the offset size.

Hope this helps. More Blender Tutorial, Tips and Trick are available here.
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