Blender Ctrl B in Edit Mode

Blender Ctrl B not working in edit mode? Try to solve it step by step. Below tutorial shows that how we can use Blender Shortcut Ctrl B in edit mode. Ctrl B is shortcut of Bevel Tool to Edge. If we want to make Bevel to the vertex or vertices, we can try Shortcut Ctrl + Shift +B. Below is showing how we can do this. Hope this helps.

Blender Ctrl B in Edit Mode

1. Select a 3D object,

2. Go to Edit Mode,

3. Choose ” Vertex Select” ,

4. One Vertex is selected in this example.

5. If we select one vertex and press shortcut Ctrl + B, it will not be working. To bevel a vertex, we can use another shortcut Ctrl + Shift + B.

6. Same to the Edge. After select an edge, and press shortcut Ctrl + Shift + B, we can make bevel on the vertices on the edge, that is shown as below screenshot.

Blender Shortcut Ctrl + Shift + B

7. if we can to Bevel Edge, we can use shortcut Ctrl + B, like as below.

Blender Shortcut Ctrl + B

8. Ctrl B is also working for Face. I select the top face of the cube.

9. And then, press shortcut Ctrl + B, we can bevel the edge around the top face.

Hope this helps. More Blender Tutorial, Tips and Tricks are available here.

Have fun with CGI, to make it simple.
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