Blender Shortcuts for Edit Mode, for 3D modeling

Video tutorial to show 10 sets of Blender Shortcuts for Edit Mode to speed up 3D modeling. These shortcuts or hotkeys are mainly working in Windows version Blender. This is good for beginners to learn Blender in quick. Firstly, the video shows the shortcut key to toggle between edit mode and object mode in Blender. After change to Edit Mode, we can use shortcut for subdivide. There are lot of shortcuts and hotkeys in this video, like as shortcuts to make selection; shortcuts  to move, scale, and rotate ; shortcuts for Extrude, etc. Feel free to watch below video. Happy sharing and hope this helps.

Blender Shortcuts for Edit Mode, for 3D modeling

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Blender Hotkeys in Edit Mode

0:00 Intro – Blender shortcuts in Edit Mode for 3D modeling
0:10 – Shortcut to toggle Object Mode and Edit Mode
0:27 – Shortcut to subdivide
0:39 – Shortcuts to select vertex, edge, face
1:07 – Shortcuts for Multiple Selection
2:21 – Shortcuts for Interactive Selection
3:00 – Shortcuts to Move, Rotate, Scale
3:50 – Shortcuts to Move, Rotate, Scale along XYZ axis
4:47 – Shortcuts to Move, Rotate, Scale and lock to XYZ axis
6:05 – Shortcut to Extrude
7:26 – Shortcuts for Loop Cut
8:01 – Shortcut to Delete
8:43 – Shortcut to Save and Save As

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Hope this helps. More Blender Tutorial, Tips and Tricks are available here.

Have fun with CGI, to make it simple.
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