Blender Material Library Download Page

Blender Material Library Download Page is to share the Blender Materials. These 3D files and resource are created by me, artist B, kindly download and use it for education uses, not allow for reselling and other commercial uses. If you want to know the steps how to make these materials and how and how to modify them, click the link under the material to go through the steps. If you want to download these materials, please register and login to get the download links.

More are more Blender materials will be shared here. Bookmark this page, and see the new updates if this sharing can give a help.

These files are free download with time limited. The files are my personal work and created by me with spending hours every week. If you think that the files are benefit to your 3D CG creation, kindly support me at Paypal. It would be a big help for maintaining this website operation and creation.

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Blender Material Library

Blender Studio Lighting Setup Scene

Hope this helps. More Blender Tutorial, Tips and Tricks are available here.
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