How to make a bottle in Maya 

How to make a beer bottle in Maya 

We can use 3D software to make 3D packaging mockup. In this case study, we will go through how to make a beer bottle in Maya, which the 3D bottle can be used for 3D mockup, and thus to make a 3D rendering image for presentation uses or advertising uses. Below video shows few steps including 3D modeling, 3D Texturing and 3D rendering.

Things to model in Maya

Things to model in Maya

Autodesk Maya is a powerful software which can make 3D modeling, 3d rendering, Rigging, VFX simulation, CG animation etc. For 3D modeling, we can have many things to model in Maya, like as 3D Character Model, Transportation Vehicles, Architecture Building and a City, Environment Landscape, Consumer Product and no limits.

How to make a simple ring in Blender

This is a timelapse tutorial to show how to make a simple ring in Blender, using 5 different tools including Torus Mesh, Circle Curve, Bevel Modifier, and Screw Modifier, etc. In 3D Modeling, we can use different ways to make one 3D object for different purposes. This video is going to show how to make a simple ring by using different methods, you may get idea that different method can give out different ring shape that can achieve for your purpose

How to hollow model in Blender

How to make hollow model in Blender

This is a quick video to show how to make Hollow Model in Blender, for both Visualization and 3D Printing, using Solidity Modifier. Firstly, in this video, the first part is to show how to use Solidity Modifier to hollow out object, cube and sphere. And then, the second part is to make the visualization of hollow object by using Cycles renderer.

Blender import image as plane

How to import image as plane with transparent in Blender

The below video will show how to import image as plane, that is quickly adding reference image plane used for 3D modeling in Blender. In this Blender Beginner Tutorial, it also show how to scale the reference image plane and grip size to match the actual size after importing image as plane. Finally the Blender reference image transparency can be adjusted by using its opacity, so the image plane can be transparent.