How to make a bowl in Blender 

Blender 3D modeling tutorial video shows how we can make bowl 3D model in Blender. In this video, we will go through how to change shape of 3D object in Edit Mode. We will shows how to make a half sphere, how to make thickness using Extrude, how to make faces flatten. All those techniques are useful for making 3D modeling. And all steps are shown in this Blender tutorial, hope this helps. More Blender Tutorial are available here.

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How to make a bowl in Blender 

We can go through below steps to make a bowl in Blender 

1. Add a UV sphere in Object Mode 
2. Select sphere and switch to Edit Mode
3. Select top faces and delete them 
4. Select all the faces and use Extrude to make thickness
5. Add an edge using Loop Cut
6. Select loop faces and extrude downwards
7. Flatten the bottom faces

All steps are easy to follow and shown in above Blender tutorial video. We can watch the video above. 

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