Blender 3D Potato Chips | 3D Modeling, UV Texture and Rendering

This video shows the quick tips how to make a realistic 3D Potato Chips in Blender. The processes are including Blender 3D Modeling in Edit Mode, 3D Modeling in Object Mode with Modifier, assign Material Shader and edit with UV Texture, finally set up 3D Rendering Scene, which is Blender Cycles realistic render. This timelapse tutorial is basic for beginners and the steps are good for 3D artist to follow and practice how to make 3D CG in Blender.Hope this helps. More Blender Tutorial, Tips and Trick are available here.

How to make Blender 3D Potato Chips

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0:00 How to make Potato Chips
0:10 Start 3D Modeling with Plane in Edit Mode 
1:25 Apply Modifiers in Object Mode 
2:30 Assign Material and UV Texture Mapping 
3:38 Render Scene setup 
5:10 Preview in Realistic Cycles Renderer

Next video, How to make Potato Chips Crumbs using Cell Fracture in Blender

How to make Chips Cracks in Blender
How to make Chips Crumbs in Blender

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Have fun with CGI, to make it simple.
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