How to make hollow cylinder in Blender

Tutorial Video shows how to make hollow object in Blender. In this video, we will show 3 ways to make hollow object, and used a cylinder for example. After adding a Cylinder, we can extrude faces in Edit Mode to make a hollow cylinder. The second way, we can add Solidify Modifier on the Cylinder to make it hollow. The third way after adding 2 cylinders, we can use Booean Modifier to hollow cylinder. Steps are easy to follow for Blender beginners. I hope this helps. More Blender Tutorial are available here.

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How to make hollow cylinder in Blender

How to make Hollow Cylinder using 3D modeling  in Edit Mode 

1. In object mode, add a cylinder with filling nothing for cap
2. Select Cylinder and go to Edit Mode
3. Select al faces with shortcut A
4. Extrude faces, or we can press shortcut E
5. Left mouse button without any cursor movement
6. Use Scale tool to scale up the extruded faces to make thickness of hollow cylinder. 
7. Flip Normals if necessary 
8. Go back to object mode and hollow cylinder done. 

How to make hollow cylinder using Solidify Modifier 

1. Add a cylinder with filling nothing for cap
2. Add  solidify modifier
3. Go to thickness to adjust the value to make hollow cylinder. 

How to make Hollow Cylinder using Boolean Modifier 

1. Add Cylinder with filling cap
2. Add another cylinder with filling cap
3. Adjust the size of second cylinder, with higher in height and smaller diameter
4. Add Boolean Modifier to the first Cylinder. 
5. Keep Subtract in Boolean Modifier 
6. Select second cylinder as Object
7. Make second cylinder invisible, then hollow cylinder done. 

All the steps for making hollow cylinder with 3 ways are shown in Blender tutorial video, watch above. 

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