How to show Normals Direction and Face Orientation in Blender 4

Blender tutorial video shows how to view Normals Direction and Face Orientation in viewport. In this video, we will go though how to show face orientation color with Blue and Red. Then, we also can go to Mesh Edit Mode to show Face Normals, Split Normals, and Vertex Normals. If we wan to fix normals, we can select a face, and flip normals with shortcut Alt + N. Steps are easy to follow for Blender beginners. I hope this helps. More Blender Tutorial are available here.

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How to show Normals Direction and Face Orientation in Blender 4

How to show Face Orientation Color in Blender

1. For both Object Mode, and Edit Mode, we can go to Viewport Overlays
2. Check to Box Face Orientation
3. Then , the face will be shown in Blue color (face outwards) or Red color (face inwards).

How to show Normals Direction in Blender

1. Select an object, and go to Edit Mode
2. In Mesh Edit Mode, we can switch on Face Normals , or Split Normals, or Vertex Normals.

How to flip Normals in Blender

1. Select object and go to Edit Mode
2. Select a face or faces
3. Go to Mesh > Normals , or we can use Shortcut Alt + N
4. Choose Flip. Then, the normals of selected faces are flipped.

Furthermore, steps to show normals and flip normals are showing visually in above Blender tutorial video, watch there.

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