How to make sky texture with clouds in Blender

How to make sky texture with clouds in Blender

Blender tutorial video shows how to make sky and clouds using sky texture node, and show setting for brightness, sun position, and rotation. In this tutorial, we will go through how to add sky texture in Shader Editor. Then, in the sky texture settings, we can set Nishita, and adjust its color and brightness, also we can set the sun position. Furthermore, if we want to add clouds into this sky texture, we can add Musgrave texture. Steps for making sky in Blender are easy to follow for Blender beginners. I hope this helps.

* Noted * Musgrave Texture is replaced by Noise Texture in Blender 4.1, please get the texture setting updates here .

Intro – Blender Sky Texture
0:13 Add 3D Object to make scene
1:15 Add Sky Texture to background of World
1:49 Sky Texture Settings for color, sun position, intensity
3:08 Sky Texture with Clouds

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How to make sky texture with clouds in Blender

We can follow below steps to make sky texture to background environment in Blender,

1. After setup 3D objects into scene, we can switch to Shader Editor
2. Switch object to World, to show the texture for environment background,
3. Hit shortcut Shift + A , to search Sky Texture Node to add
4. We can adjust Sky Texture Node to change the brightness, color, sun position of  Sky texture
5. Switch to render preview
6. Switch renderer to Cycles

Then, we can preview the sky texture to make our own sky without addon. I hope this helps.

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