After Effects How to add motion blur with settings

How to add motion blur with settings

After Effects is a software for creating motion graphic. After adding motion to a graphic, we can have option to add motion blur effects in After Effects. In this tutorial video, we will go through how to use a simple shape layer with adding a simple motion, then show how to enable motion blur to this shape layer. If we want to increase the effect for motion blur, we can go to composition settings to set motion blur with adjusting shutter angle and shutter phase. Steps are easy to follow for After Effects beginner. I hope this helps. More After Effects Tutorials here

Intro – After Effects add motion blur
0:09 Create Composition
0:16 Add Shape Layer or Footage
0:41 Insert Keyframe for motion animation
1:40 Add Motion Blur
1:56 Motion Blur settings for Shutter Angle and Shutter Phase

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After Effects How to add motion blur with settings

Adding motion blue in After Effects can give impressive visual for an animation. We can follow these steps to add motion blur with adjusting settings

1. Select a layer that added motion with keyframe,
2. Check the box of motion blur to enable
3. If we want to change motion blur setting, we can go to composition setting, we can adjust shutter angle and shutter phase for motion blur.

Steps are showed in this After Effects tutorial video. Watch above. I hope this helps.

Hope this helps. Watch More After Effects Tutorial in this YouTube Video Playlist
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