How to move, rotate, scale Image Texture in Blender

Blender tutorial shows how to add, move, rotate, scale image texture in Blender. To add image texture to 3D we can add graphic, logo, or texture image like as jpg, png file format. In this video, we will show how to use mapping Node to adjust the positioning, rotation and scale of image texture in shader editor. Also, we can use UV layout to adjust the image texture. Steps are easy to follow for Blender beginners, I hope this helps. More Blender Tutorial are available here.

How to move, rotate, scale Image Texture in Blender

In Blender, we can manipulate image textures using the Mapping node in the Shader Editor. Here’s how to move, rotate, and scale an image texture in Shader Editor:

1. Open your Blender project.

– Switch to the Shader Editor workspace.

2. Connect the Texture’s Vector through a Mapping Node:

– Add a Mapping node (Shortcut Shift + A > Vector > Mapping).
– Connect the Vector output of your image texture node to the Vector input of the Mapping node.

3. Adjust the Texture Properties:

In the Mapping node, you’ll find properties like Location, Rotation, and Scale.

– Move the texture, adjust the Location values (X, Y, Z).
– Rotate the texture, use the Rotation values (X, Y, Z).
– Scale the texture, modify the Scale values (X, Y, Z).

Remember that the Mapping node should be placed before your image texture node in the node setup. Also, consider learning about UV unwrapping for precise control over texturing. 

Here is a Blender tutorial video on YouTube channel showing step by step visually.
Watch here,

Intro – How to Add, Move, Rotate, Scale Image Texture in Blender
0:10 Previous project 2D Floor Plan to 3D
0:21 Select a plane or object
0:35 Add Material
0:45 Add Image Texture
0:56 Show texture in viewport
1:18 Switch to Shader Editor
1:38 Add Mapping Node and Texture Coordinate Node
2:07 UV Editing
2:28 Move, Rotate, Scale UV for texturing
3:01 Adjust Location, Rotation, Scale in Mapping Node

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