How to make snow fall effect to animation using After Effects

After effects free effects and presets for making falling snow effect animation in After Effects. In this AE tutorial, we will go through how to apply CC snowfall effects into a video layer. We can adjust and customise this snow fall effect as we want. The steps are easy to follow for any After Effects beginners, hope this helps.  More After Effects Tutorials here

How to make snow fall effect to animation using After Effects

To make a snowfall effect in Adobe After Effects, we can follow these steps:

1. Open a New Composition

Create a new composition, or open the project in After Effects

2. Add a Background Layer:

Import a photo or video as background layer. We can use any suitable image or footage.

3. Apply the CC Snowfall Effect:

– In the Effects & Presets panel, type “Snowfall” in the search field.
– Select Simulation > CC Snowfall , double click CC Snowfall, then the effect will be applied into selected layer in timeline.

4. Customize the snowfall settings in the Effect Controls panel to achieve the desired look:

– Adjust the Flakes count (e.g., 10000 flakes).
– Set the Size (e.g., 15).
– Vary the Scene Depth (e.g., 5000).
– Control the Speed (e.g., 500) and its variation.
– Set the Wind (e.g., 0) and its variation.
– Adjust the Spread, Opacity, and Background Illumination as needed.

Remember, you can experiment with different settings to achieve the desired snowfall effect. Have fun creating your snowy scenes.

Here is a video show the steps to make snowfall effect animation visually, I hope this helps.
Watch here,

Intro – After Effects Snowfall Effects
0:10 Import Footage Video into Composition
0:29 Open Effects and Presets Panel
0:30 Apply CC Snowfall to layer
0:50 Customize Snowfall Effect

Hope this helps. Watch More After Effects Tutorial in this YouTube Video Playlist
Have fun with CG, let’s create!

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