After Effects stabilize camera shake tutorial

After Effects Tutorial shows how to stabilize camera shake video without plugin. In this video, we will show how to use warp stabilizer to stabilize a video or footage in After Effects, it allows us the minimize the camera shaking movement when capturing the motion. Steps are easy to follow. Hope this helps. More After Effects Tutorials here

After Effects stabilize camera shake tutorial

To use the Warp Stabilizer in Adobe After Effects, follow these steps:

1. Import the footage you want to stabilize into After Effects.
2. Drag the footage into the timeline in composition.
3. Select the footage layer and go to the Effects & Presets panel.
4. Search for Warp Stabilizer and double click to apply to selected footage layer.
5. Then Automatically analyze the footage.
6. Once the analysis is completed, we can adjust the settings to fine-tune the stabilization.
7. Finally, to preview the footage to see the results.

Below is a video tutorial that demonstrates how to use the Warp Stabilizer in After Effects, I hope this helps.

Watch the After Effects YouTube Tutorial at below,

Intro – How to stabilize video in After Effects
0:12 Import Video Footage into Composition
0:45 Open Effects and Presets Panel
0:55 Add Warp Stabilizer to Footage
1:12 Analyze the video footage
1:20 Preview the stabilized video

Hope this helps. Watch More After Effects Tutorial in this YouTube Video Playlist
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