How to separate mirrored objects in Blender

Blender Basic Tutorial how to separate mirrored objects in Blender. We can separate the 3D objects into 2 after adding Mirror Modifier. Below are the steps how we can separate object in Blender. Hope this helps.

How to separate mirrored objects in Blender

1. Select the 3D object that added Mirror Modifier,

2. Apply Mirror Modifier in Modifier Proproteins,

3. Make sure to select the 3D object, and switch to Edit Mode.

4. Select the faces or edges or vertices that we want to separate,

5. Go to Mesh > Separate, or we can use shortcut P, and choose Selection ,

6. The Objects are separated into 2.

separate mirrored objects

Hope this helps. More Blender Tutorial, Tips and Tricks are available here.
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