Blender export OBJ with texture and material

Quick tutorial video shows Blender export OBJ with texture and material. In this video, we will go through how to use a simple 3D object for exporting OB file format. To export OBJ in Blender, we need an addon, that has already been turned on in default setting of Blender. Therefore, here are the steps how we can export OBJ file after adding material and texture, and review the OBJ 3D file with Microsoft Windows 3D view. Hope this helps.

How to export OBJ with texture and material in Blender

Watch Blender Tutorial Video on YouTube at below,

How to export OBJ with texture and material in Blender
0:15 Add 3D object
0:28 Add Material with Image Texture
1:53 Turn on Addon for Exporting OBJ
2:17 Export 3D object as OBJ with MTL
3:11 Review OBJ file with 3D viewer in MS Windows

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