How to use Text to Vector Graphic using Generative AI in Illustrator

Text to Vector Graphic is a new Generative AI feature in Adobe Illustrator 2024. This is a tutorial video show how to download and install Illustrator 2024 via Creative Cloud, and how to generate vector graphic by inputting Prompts. In this video, we will go through the steps to generate vector graphic for whole scene and individual subject. Steps are easy to follow. Hope this helps.

How to generate from Text to Vector Graphic using Generative AI in Illustrator

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0:00 Intro – Adobe Illustrator Generative AI for Vector Graphic
0:10 New Feature – Text to Vector Graphic (Beta)
0:23 Download and Install Illustrator 2024
0:54 Turn on Panel for Text to Vector Graphic
1:11 Generate Vector Graphic for Scene
2:15 Generate Vector Graphic for Subject
2:50 Edit Vector Graphic

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Hope this helps. More Blender Tutorial, Tips and Tricks are available here.

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