How to move mask in After Effects 2023

Tutorial video to show how to move mask in After Effects 2023. In this video, we will go through 2 ways. The first way is to add a shape as a mask to the layer directly, and then set keyframe to move it. The second way is to use Track Matte to make a mask with shape layer. If you can’t find track Matte, this video will show how to enable Track Matte in After Effects. Therefore, we can set position keyframe to mask, to make moving mask animation with Track Matte. Steps are easy to follow by After Effects beginners. Hope this helps.

How to move mask in After Effects 2023

Watch YouTube Video here,

How to move mask in After Effects
0:50 Add mask to layer
1:10 Move mask path with adding keyframes
1:45 Scale the mask using Mask Expansion
2:35 Make mask with Track Matt
3:26 Set Position Keyframe to Mask
3:45 Scale the mask

Hope this helps. More After Effects Tips And Tutorial Here.
Have fun with CG, to make it simple.

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