Blender How to add Spiral Curve with free addon

Here is a quick workflow to show how to add Spiral Curve in Blender with free Addon Add curve : Extra Object. We don’t need to download this addon, Add curve : Extra Object, this addon has already embedded in Blender when installing Blender. With using this Blender free addon, we can add few types of spiral curve, below steps will dhow we can add and make Spiral Curve in Blender. Hope this helps.

How to add Spiral Curve in Blender

1. Firstly, we can activate the addon. Go to Edit > Preferences …

2. Switch to Add-ons , and search “Extra Objects”

3. Check the box Add Curve: Extra objects

4. Then, we can go to Add > Curve > Curve Spiral, we can choose Archemedean, Logarithmic, Spheric, or Torus. I Choose Archemedean in this example.

5. Then, a simple Spiral is added. And we can open the bottom-left panel.

6. After adjusting the variable in Curve Spirals Panel, we can get different shape of spirals.

Hope this helps. More Blender Tutorial, Tips and Tricks are available here.

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