Blender Join Objects

Blender Basics, to merge two 3D objects together, we can use Join to combine 2 objects into 1 object in Object, and then we can clean up the intersected meshes in Edit Mode. Below steps show how to join objects in Blender with Shortcut. Hope this helps.

Blender Join Objects

1. Select the two objects.

2. Go to Objects > Join, or we can use shortcut Ctrl + J directly.

3. The 2 objects are then combined together.

4. But if we show the wireframe,

5. and turn to X-ray mode, we can see the meshes are kept as it is. If we want to clean up the meshes, please see step 6.

6. Go to Edit Mode, and select all the vertices or edges or faces

7. Go to Face > Intersect (Boolean)

8. Then the meshes intersect are clean up as below screenshot.

Hope this helps.

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Have fun with CGI, to make it simple.
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