How to move along circle in After Effects

Adobe After Effects tutorial to show how to move along circle in After Effects. In this video, we will go through 2 ways for moving object along circle in After Effects. One way is to set anchor point, and rotate object around anchor point. Another way is to set object moving along a circle path. Steps are clear for any After Effects users. Happy sharing and hope this helps.

How to move along circle in After Effects

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0:00 Intro – How to move object along circle path
0:33 Import AI graphic into new composition

Method 1 – Rotate object around anchor point
1:00 Move object and move anchor point
1:17 Set Rotation Keyframes for animation
1:43 Animate object around anchor point

Method 2 – Move object along circle path
2:05 Add Circle Path
2:39 Add Circle Path into Object Position for animation
3:47 Auto-Orient
4:24 Adjust Speed in Graphic Editor

Hope this helps. More After Effects Tips And Tutorial Here.
Have fun with CG, to make it simple.

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