After Effects How to export frame as PSD layers, AE to PSD

It is possible to export frame as PSD layers from After Effects. Below is the step how we can export the 100% original image quality of single frame only from After Effects to Photoshop. We also can export the frame in other image file format, like as JPG, read more here to go through the detail, How to export a frame as JPG in After Effects . Hope this helps.

How to export frame as PSD layers from After Effects

1. Select your composition, and choose the frame on timeline that you want to export to PSD layers.

2. Make sure that 100% is chosen in Magnification Ratio Popup, it will export 100% size of your composition.

3. Go to Composition > Save Frame As > Photoshop Layers…

4. Choose a file location and Save it.

5. We will have a Photoshop PSD file in file folder.

6. Open with Photoshop, and check that we have layers inside Photoshop file.

Hope this helps. More After Effects Tutorial, Tips and Tricks are available here.

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