Blender Export UV Map

Blender has a feature called Texture Paint to paint the 3D model inside this 3D software. If you have your other favourite paint software like as Unity, Photoshop, we can export the UV layout from Blender, and paint texture in other software. Below steps are showing how to export UV map (UV layout) in Blender 3.0 or later.

Blender Export UV Map

In this example, we add an object Monkey Suzanne, to show how to export UV map or UV layout, and open the UN map in Photoshop.

1. Make sure to select the object that we want to export the UV Map or says UV layout. The switch to UN Editing as per below screenshot shown. We can see the UV layout here, on the left side viewport.

2. Then go to UV > Export UV Layout

Blender Export UV layout

3. Blender File View will be popped up. We can choose the option on the right side panel. Then, click Export UV layout. In the example, I export it into Suzanne.png file.

4. Then, we can select the image file (Suzane.png), and open it in your favourite paint software. Below screenshot shows that I open the UV map in Photoshop.

Blender Export UV map to photoshop

Hope this Helps. More Blender Tutorial, Tips and Trick are available here.
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