Blender How to make a circle and circle solid

Basics for beginners, this is one of the ways that shows how to make a circle, circle mesh and circle solid in Blender. This is only showing the basic concept how to make circle in quick, there are other ways to draw a circle or circle solid with the advanced method. Continues to read below how we can make a circle in Blender.

Blender How to make a circle and circle solid

1. To add a circle in mesh, we can go to Add > Mesh > Circle.

2. After adding a circle, we can open the menu at the bottom right corner. We can adjust the number of vertices, radius of circle, … etc.

3. If we want to make a filled circle, we can choose Fill Type. I choose N-Gon in this example, we have another option to use Triangle Fan.

4. If we want to make circle solid. One of the ways is using Solidify Modifier. We can adjust the thickness value to make it thick. And make sure that we can check the box “Fill” next to Rim, then we can have the circle solid with thickness.

Blender Circle Tutorial Video

This video shows how to add circle, fill circle, and make circle solid. Feel free to watch here,

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