Blender Monthly #4 – Best Blender Video on YouTube, Dec 2022

Here is the list of YouTube Video published on December 2022, most video are tutorial video teaching the skill how to use Blender and some animation created by Blender. A video to list out the new feature of Blender 3.4, don’t miss the latest features of Blender. And, these video are getting Blender users inspired and insights, and have valuable to take your time for watching them. Please scroll to below for going though the list. Want to receive the newsletter next month, Register and Subscribe here. Keep connected!

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Blender Monthly #4 – Best Blender YouTube Video published on December 2022

1. Minecraft ANYTHING with this new Blender tool

Block Blender is a tool that can convert any image or 3d model to Minecraft blocks with the power of Blender geometry nodes! Joey Carlino figured out how to make it.

2. CHARGE – Blender Open Movie

CHARGE is a Blender Open Movie created by Official Blender Studio, a professional visual effect animation can be created by Blender. Have a look!

3. What if OpenAI Did Blender Scripts?

ChatGPT is a well-known AI Chatbot these days, Chocofur is try to generate script by using AI, and test the Script in Blender, exciting challenge!

4. Sculpting Misty in Blender 3D – Time Lapse

A timelapse video for sculpting Misty in Blender 3D, Bran Sculpts show all the steps in the video, no breakdown , no cut out. all the steps show for you.

5. This AI changes EVERYTHING (ChatGPT x Blender)

AI again. and ChatGPT again. stray Creations asked ChatGPT to generate scripts , and put them into Blender. Stunning testing! Seems ChatGPT can give a big helps.

6. Blender 3.4 New Features in LESS than 5 minutes

A quick Blender official video to show the New Features in Blender 3.4. Do miss this, to see what new features are suitable for your 3D creation.

7. 8 Amazing Projects Made In Blender 3

This video collect some of the most recent and amazing projects made with Blender. Check this out! To see what Blender can do.


Amazing tutorial and workflow to show how to make digital fashion in Blender. veryveig share his tips and technique in this video.

9. Dream 3D – New Blender 3D Tool For All!

Wakaka! AI again. askNK introduce a new Blender AI tool, Dream 3D, for creating texture.

10. Tutorial: My New Rigging Workflow in Blender

If you like to make rigging or want to make rigging easier, I think Polyfjord’s video can give a big helps!

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Let’s play with Blender!
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