Blender PNG transparent

Blender PNG not transparent ? Here is a tips to show how to make PNG file into transparent background for texturing. When we add image file for texturing, in general we can use JPG file format. If we make the image texture with transparent background , we prefer to use PNG file format with alpha transparency. And also sometimes, it will show the PNG texture black. If we find that the Blender PNG is not transparent, we can try this way. Below is the video to show the steps in Blender and Photoshop. Hope this sharing helps. More Blender Tutorial, Tips and Tricks are available here.

Blender PNG Transparent

Below shows the connection of texture nodes in Shader Editor, 2 things to make sure. First, the PNG image texture node have Alpha connected to Principled BSDF node, and second to check that there is alpha transparency inside PNG file. Further steps in YouTube video.

Blender PNG transparent – Principled BSDF Shader and Image Texture Node with Alpha

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