Blender Merge Vertices

Blender Basics for Beginners, the steps show how to merge vertices in Blender. Below example is to use Shortcut the merge vertices and show the steps to merge vertices at center. Hope this helps.

How to merge vertices in Blender

How to merge vertices in Blender

1. Select the object

2. Go to Edit Mode

3. Make sure to click “Vertex Select”

4. Select the vertices that you want to merge together

5. Hit Shortcut M to open the Merge menu, we can select Merge at Center, Merge at Cursor, Collapse, or Merge By Distance. Or we can find same Merge options by using below drop down menu.

Blender Merge Menu – Drop Down

6. After selected, we can merge the vertices, below example show the result of Merge at Center.

Merge Vertices at center

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