How to make Blender Subdivide Plane, Face, & Cube

In Blender, Subdivide is a useful tool to add mesh for editing the shape of 3D object. If we would like to make subdivide a plane or face or 3D object, one of the ways is going to Edit Mode, and make Subdivide. Below is the steps of make Subdivide Plane , Face or Cube, by using shortcut in Blender. Hope this helps. More Blender Tutorial, Tips and Trick are available here.

How to make subdivide in Blender

Blender Subdivide Plane

1. In Object Mode, add a plane

2. Make sure the Plane is selected at the right panel, and go to Edit Mode by drop-down menu on the left (or using shortcut “Tab” to switch mode)

3-1. Select “Face” on the left, and Right-Click to open the menu, you can find “Subdivide” here.

3-2. or using Shortcut “Ctrl+E” to get “Subdivide” in another menu.

4. After select “Subdivide”, we can add the cuts by adjusting “Number of Cuts” in the menu at bottom-right.

Subdivide Face

1. For making Subdivide Face of a 3D object, same as previous, select the object and go to Edit Mode. Make sure the a face is selected. And then we can open the menu by “right-click” as below shown or another shortcut “Ctrl+E”.

2. Same as previous, we can adjust the number of cuts on the face, to add the cuts.

3. Moreover, if we wan to make it dome-shape, we can adjust “Smoothness”

Subdivide Cube

For making Subdivide Cube, the theory is same as previous cube. We have to select 6 faces on cube, and then apply “Subdivide”, and we can adjudt the number of cuts in bottom-right menu.

Have fun with CGI, to make it simple.
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