Blender – How to add Air Bubbles in Liquid – Sparkling Water

This is quick workflow video to show how to make Air Bubbles in Liquid using Blender, that is sparkling water or soda water or carbonated water. This workflow is using Blender particle system to generate the particles from emitter and make a simulation of air bubble in water. The steps are good for beginners to understand the particle system in Blender. At the end of video, we can make the animation air bubbles in liquid. Hope this helps. More Blender Tutorial, Tips and Tricks are available here.

Blender – How to add Air Bubbles in Liquid – Sparkling Water

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0:00 Air Bubbles in Liquid Animation
0:10 Start from last scene water simulation
0:30 Add Particles System
3:31 Kill Particles
3:17 Apply Air Bubbles Material

Part 1 video
How to make a glass of water in Blender | Realism Cycles

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