Best YouTubers for Blender Tutorials 2023

For all the 3D CGI artists and students, you must take some lessons or tutorials to learn 3D CGI when you are at beginner stage. There are many valuable video that we can found in YouTube to upgrade your skill and knowledge. Below list is not the comparison. This is listed out the top YouTubers providing Free and Best Blender Tutorials on YouTube for everyone who would like to learn more about Blender 3D software. I believe that some of 3D tutorial video should benefit to you from beginner stage to advanced stage. Moreover, thank you for the contribution of all the YouTubers and the creators.

Last Updated on 5 Feb 2023

Best YouTubers for Blender Tutorials 2023

1. Blender Guru

I believe that you already know this channel, Blender Guru is a channel created by Andrew Price. He creates tutorials and videos that covered all-around level 3D Artist, from beginner to advanced users.

2.48M subscribers | 197M views

2. CG Geek

Interesting channel about Blender 3D software, that is including the creation of animations, visual fffects, and all the stuffs about 3D CGI.

1.04M subscribers | 100M views

3. Polyfjord

Polyfjord is full-time creating Blender tutorial on YouTube, I believe that you already watched his video about the rigging of Characters and animated Robot’s Arm. Don’t miss his tutorial for 3D workflow in Blender

519K subscribers | 58M views

4. Polygon Runway

Polygon Runway is a educational channel of Roman Klčo. Roman shared a lot of free 3D modeling tutorial in his channel.

346K subscribers | 18M views

5. FlyCat

Flycat provides very nice character model creation, if you would like to learn how to make character, you must visit and water these video.

328K subscribers | 21M views

6. Danny Mac 3D

Danny’s tutorial mainly focus on character, you can learn the technique from his stylized characters that are making by in Zbrush and Blender.

277K subscribers | 14M views

7. askNK

askNK channel has lots of Blender Tutorial, Tips and Trick Video, and the topics covered are wide range about 3D CG creation. Have a look his channel and video, you can find something you have know before.

219K subscribers | 40M views

8. Peter France

Interesting video from Peter, the provide the tutorial to show how to create 3D CGI with actual real photos or films.

167K subscribers | 10.4M views

9. CG Fast Track

Impressive tutorial video with high quality visual effects, and the animation from CG Fast Track are looking amazing. This channel shows the tutorial video that is good for beginner.

131K subscribers | 4.6M views

10. Lightning Boy Studio

If you are interesting to using Blender 3D to make cartoon style, you much visit this channel, it provides the tutorial and video are easy for understanding.

125K subscribers  | 3.9M views


PIXXO3D’s channel has lots of human modeling, clothing simulation, rigging in his video. Also, if you like to make visual effects in Blender, please watch his video to gain 3D CG knowledge.

123K subscribers | 11M views

12. Ryan King Art

Ryan’s channel have lots of tutorial show how to make Procedural Texture Shader for any Material. Don’t miss this out, if you want to make stunning Material in Blender

122K subscribers | 10M views

Bottom Line

Here is only listed out the 10 Best Blender Tutorials on YouTube, however, more other video and channel are also high-value to watch and be shared on YouTube. Perhaps other best Blender 3D Tutorial Channel is not listed here. Welcome to share the missing channel in below comment area, let us know there are more valuable 3D tutorial to watch and learn. Finally, I would like to share my YouTube channel here, this is not a good 3D tutorial channel, this is aimed to record my 3D CG workflow and share them with you. Welcome to support my channel and watch the video. Please visit Hope this helps!

Have fun with CG, to make it simple.
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