Switch Perspective view to Orthographic view in Blender

In Blender, we can fast to change the viewport from Perspective to Orthographic, or from Orthographic to Perspective by pressing shortcut Number Pad 5. The second way, we can press the icon on the right side of viewport as below.

Blender Perspective Viewport
Blender Orthographic Viewport
Blender Orthographic Viewport
Blender Perspective Viewport

From Perspective to Orthographic camera view in Blender

The upper is the way to change the Perspective or Orthographic viewport. If we have to set a camera, we also can change the Perspective or Orthographic view. As per screenshot shown below, first select the camera, and then select the tab Object Data properties, and we can find the type options of Perspective or Orthographic or Panoramic. 

Blender Perspective and Orthographic Camera
Blender Perspective and Orthographic Camera

Hope this helps. More Blender Tutorial, Tips and Tricks are available here.

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