How To Select and Deselect Objects in Blender


In Blender, we can select and deselect objects by using below hotkeys.

To Select an object

– Click the arrow next to the Select command, and select the mode from the list.
– Select the object in the graphics window. To select multiple objects, SHIFT-Left-click unselected objects to add them to the selection set.  

To Deselect an object

  – After select an object, SHIFT-Left-click the selected object to deselect object.

To Cancel Selection

– Either left-click or SHIFT-Left-click anywhere in the graphics window, but not on an object.

To Remove Selection

Either SHIFT-Left-click previously selected objects. All other objects are unaffected.

Select Multiple Objects in a Window

– Position the pointer slightly above and to the left of the left-most object to select.
– Click and drag the pointer slightly below and to the right of the right-most object to select.

All objects that are enclosed within the rectangle are selected and highlighted.  

Hope this Helps.   More Blender Tutorial, Tips and Tricks are available here.

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