How to make a table in Blender | 3D modeling and Texturing

This is a timelapse tutorial to show how to make a Realistic Wood Table in Blender, and apply Blender Wood Texture Material Shader with Annual Ring by using Procedural Texture Node, which the steps are basic for Beginners. In This video, you will understand the basic technique of 3D modeling of furniture and then apply and edit Blender Procedural Texture for Wooden Texture with wood grain, by using Principled BSDF in Shader Editor. Finally, set a 3D render preview with Cycles Renderer in Blender. This is good workflow for beginners to understand how to make a 3D wood table with Blender Wood Procedural Texture Material Shader. Hope this helps! More Free Blender Tutorial here.

How to make a wooden table in Blender 

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How to make a wooden table in Blender 

0:00 Intro – How to make a wood table in Blender 
0:15 Blender Wood Table 3D Modeling 
3:29 Add round corner along the edge of wood pieces 
3:47 Apply Blender Wood Texture and Edit 
5:09 Setup basic render preview with Cycles Renderer 
6:00 Final Wood Table Render Preview

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